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Information Technology Staff

Kenny Ayensu, IT Coordinator
0123 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-6180 |
Helpdesk, Classroom Support, Lenel card reader system

Gabrielle Barnhart, Administrative Assistant
2125J  J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4908 |
Administrative and Canvas support

Ken Bentley, Technology Manager
2125H  J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4898 |
Classroom Technology, AV Systems and Special Events

Glenn Campbell, IT Coordinator
0315 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-3978 |
Computer Lab Support (Physical and Virtual)

David Duckett, IT Coordinator
0123A Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-5570 |
Helpdesk, IT Support

Woodson Howe, Systems Manager
0315 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-0194 |
VMware Infrastructure and ENGR Active Directory

Anthony Ingelido, Coordinator
1102 Technology Advancement Program Building | 301-314-1138 |
Terrapin Works Prototyping Lab

Jeff McKinney, Director
0123 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-3719 |
EIT Helpdesk Manager, Director of Computing Facilities Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dale Morey, Faculty Research Assistant
2125M J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-3872 |
Web application development, Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) implementation and support, Canvas support

Jeff Richmond, IT Coordinator
0306 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-6990 |
Web Services, Design & Development, Computer Labs System Administration, Provisioning and Server Infrastructure

Lalitha Shalini, Assistant Director of Administration
2125K J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-0174 |
Administration, Procurement, Accounting and HR, Voice/Data/Cell phone representative

Omar Siddique, Technical Coordinator
0315 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-1430 |
Internet Services, Networking, Server Infrastructure, Unix/Linux System Administration

Poshen Wang, Sr Web Services Designer
2125G JM Patterson Building | 301- 405-0143 |
Web services & development

Sherrie Yu, Business Affairs Coordinator
2125N J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-2515 |

Jim Zahniser, Executive Director, EIT
2125L J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-3885 |
Tactical and strategic direction setting for the information technology infrastructure, services and support within the Clark School.

EIT Student Staff

Nicholas Bentley, EIT Helpdesk

Peter Cheung,  EIT Web Assistant

Symon Ginsburg, EIT Helpdesk

Ben Pettipaw, EIT Helpdesk

Pujita Unmesh Tipnis, Graduate Student Web Assistant

Yishu Wang, Student Business Office Assistant

Timothy Wilmot, EIT Helpdesk

Distance Education Technology & Services Staff

Marty Ronning, Assistant Director, DETS
2125E J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4899 |
Registration, scheduling, marketing, information

Doug Adams, AV Engineer, DETS 2219B J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4399 |
Evening Tech Support and Electronic Content Management

Adam Kelley, IT Engineer, DETS
2219D J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-9190 |
IT System Infrastructure, Web Servers, Live Web Collaboration Platform

Bob Pelletier, Chief Engineer, DETS
2219C J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4897 |
Television system infrastructure, Broadcast systems

Katie Truedson, Coordinator, DETS
2125F J.M. Patterson Building| 301-405-0031 |
Student employment, staff scheduling, traffic management

DETS Student Staff List - see DETS website

Engineering Copy Center

Naji Hammad, Manager, Copycenter
1123 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-3875 |
Engineering Copy Center management

Copy Center Student Staff List - see Copy Center website