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Deepthought II Initial Allocation Request

Please use this form to request an initial start-up allocation on Deepthought II.  The initial start-up allocation will be granted to any Engineering tenure/tenure-track faculty  and is intended to provide 50K SU's for getting started with the cluster.  Faculty may include others (Grad students, post docs, visiting researchers, etc.)  to share in their start-up allocation by listing Directory ID's in the space provided below.   Additional users can be added later by sending an email to  There are two routes (Engineering and campus-wide) to apply for additional SU's. Details about applying for more SUs from the College of Engineering will be forthcoming. You can currently apply for additional SU's from the campus-wide allocation committee.  A complete list of the software available on the cluster is here.  Technical questions concerning the cluster including how to get software package install on the cluster should be directed to this email address: