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EIT Staff Page

Lalitha Shalini
Assistant Director of Administration
2125K J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-0174 |
Administration, Procurement, Accounting and HR, Voice/Data/Cell phone representative


Jim Zahniser
Assistant Dean, Strategic Operations and IT
2125L J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-3885 |
Tactical and strategic direction setting for the information technology infrastructure, services and support within the Clark School


Naji Hammad
Assistant Director
1123 Glenn L. Martin Hal | 301-405-3875 |
Engineering Copy Center management


Eddie Lee
1123 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-3875 |
Engineering Copy Center Coordinator


Gabrielle Barnhart
Instructional Designer
2125J J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4908 |
Administrative and Canvas support


Ken Bentley
Technology Manager
2125H J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4898 |
Classroom Technology, AV Systems and Special Events


Adam Kelley
IT Engineer
2219D J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-9190 |
IT System Infrastructure, Web Servers, Live Web Collaboration Platform


Bob Pelletier
Chief Engineer
2219C J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4897 |
Television System Infrastructure, Broadcast Systems


Marty Ronning
125E J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4899 |
Registration, Scheduling, Marketing, Information


Justin Stacey
AV Engineer
2219B J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-4399 |
Evening Tech Support and Electronic Content Management


Katie Truedson
2125F J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-0031 |
Student Employment, Staff Scheduling, Traffic Management


Glenn Campbell
Systems Analyst
0315 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-3978 |
Computer Lab Support (Physical and Virtual)


Woodson Howe
Systems Manager
0305 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-0194 |
VMware Infrastructure and ENGR Active Directory


Ayla Hurley
EIT Service Desk Manager
1439 AV Williams Building | 301-405-4322 |
Helpdesk, IT Support & Computing


Rob Jenkens
IT Coordinator
0123B Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-0236 |
Helpdesk, IT Support


Jeff McKinney
Director of Computing Facilities
1441 AV Williams Building | 301-405-3719 |
EIT Helpdesk Operations Manager, Director of Computing Facilities Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Nicholas Bentley
Faculty Specialist
2118 Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building | 301 405 0582 |
Computer Business Systems & Analysis


David Eisner
Faculty Specialist
1101 Engineering Laboratory Building | 301 405 5341 |
Computer Programming, CALCE


Dale Morey
Faculty Specialist
2125M J.M. Patterson Building | 301-405-3872 |
Web application development, Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) implementation and support, Canvas support


Jeff Richmond
IT Coordinator
0315B Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-6990 |
Web Services, Support, Design & Development


Omar Siddique
Technical Coordinator
0315 Glenn L. Martin Hall | 301-405-1430 |
Internet Services, Networking, Server Infrastructure, Unix/Linux System Administration


Poshen Wang
Sr Web Services Designer
2125G JM Patterson Building | 301-405-0143 |
Web Services, Support, Design & Development


Rick Blanton
Director of Technical Operations
Suite 1102, A. James Clark Hall | 240-602-8054 |
Strategic planning & direction, day to day operations


Nathanael Carriere
Operations Manager
Suite 1105-A, Technology Advancement Programs Bldg | 301-405-9951 |
Terrapin Works, Rapid Prototyping


Ethan Reggia
Design Manager
Suite 1105-A, Technology Advancement Programs Bldg | 301-314-1138 |
Terrapin Works, Design Manager