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In the Engineering Computer Labs, your Desktop files and the "My Documents" folders are stored on a file server and are mapped to the U:\ drive with a 2GB quota per user. You can also remotely access your data on the U: drive by using a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) client on See for more details.



Another feature we provide in our computer labs and on the VCL is access to TerpDrives via Kumo Cloud Storage Integration. Essentially, this a way to access several cloud storage solutions: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and local file shares. Log in to Kumo to set up and authorize your storage accounts. See for more information.

  • UMD Box - Current students are eligible for free individual accounts with 50 GB of space.
  • Dropbox - A basic account is free and includes 2 GB of space.
  • Google Drive - Free unlimited storage is included with Google Apps.
  • OneDrive - Microsoft's storage starts with 5 GB for free.

General Information

  • EIT Service Desk - Contact us at or call 301-405-1634 if you need help in the computer labs.
  • EIT Knowledge Base
  • Computer Lab Lost and Found:
    0123 Glenn L. Martin Hall: For items lost in Martin Hall computer labs, go to the EIT Helpdesk in 0123 Martin Hall.
    2125 J.M. Patterson Building: For items lost in J.M. Patterson computer labs, go to EIT Reception Desk in 2125 J.M. Patterson Building.
    ♦ You may also check with the Campus Police Dept's online lost and found.
  • Computer Requirements/Recommendations for Incoming Students
  • Wireless access is available to students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Computer Labs & VCL Specific

  • Login - UID for username, UMD.EDU (Kerberos) for the domain.
  • Log off your computer when finished.
  • Computer Labs - List of all computer labs in the Clark School of Engineering.
    Lab Software - List of all software installed on workstations in the computer labs.
    Student Versions of Software - Useful list of Engineering software; many with links to student versions.
    Lab Policies - Important rules to follow when using the computer labs, such as no food or drink allowed.
    Lab Hours - List of all the computer labs' hours in the Clark School of Engineering.
    Lab Statistics - Locate an open workstation in a computer lab before you visit.
    Printing - Print from your laptop wirelessly and from computer labs at various locations throughout the Clark School of Engineering.
    TerpDrives via Kumo - Link your preferred storage and have on-the-go access to your files from campus computers and apps.
  • Virtual Computer Lab - Run computer lab software applications from your own desktop.

Student Services & Resources

  • Canvas (ELMS) - Many courses will use this Learning Management System to post course materials and/or assignments, grades, etc.
  • Canvas for Android - Use Canvas on your Android mobile phone. Available on Google Play.
  • Canvas for iOS - Canvas app for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Available from iTunes Store.
  • DIT Technology Discount Programs - Shop for Dell or Apple computers and accessories, software, and cellular service at a discounted price.
  • HAMLET- Online resource of engineering simulations and models.
  • -  Free training materials for UMD.
  • Testudo - Student information and web services site including admissions, course descriptions, course registration, academic calendar, and more.
  • TERPMail - UM student email, powered by Google.
  • TERPmail Frequently Asked Questions
  • TerpConnect - 5 GB of online space for file storage or website hosting.
  • TERPware - Free Software for Students. You can download many software packages for free. Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and MatLAB are just a few of the applications available.