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Wireless Access


The University of Maryland provides three wireless networks: eduroam, umd-guest, and umd-util2.


Eduroam is a secure, worldwide roaming Internet access service developed for the international research and education community. Eduroam allows campus community members at any participating institution to use wireless network services at any other participating institution with the simplicity and convenience of using the login credentials (e.g. issued to them by their home institutions. Check out the Guide to the Eduroam Wireless Network for more information. Also see the document Connect to the UMD Wireless Network using SecureW2.

You can connect to eduroam using your and password.



To access the umd-guest network, be sure wireless is enabled on your computer then open a browser and enter any web address. A UMD Guest login screen will appear.



The umd-util2 network is a utility network designated for specific use cases. To obtain a util2 account, phone the Service Desk at 301.405.1500 (option 3) or send an email detailing your request to