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How to Request Data Service Disconnect

Data Service Setup Demo - Disconnect

Request Data Service Disconnect

Step 1: Input Customer Information: NAME, DEPT NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE #


Step 2: Select Service, Request Type, and Priority

·      For Service: Select DATA

·      For Request Type: Select DISCONNECT


Step 3: Input Service Location: Building Name, Room #, Jack #, and Jack Action

·      For Building & Room #: Select Appropriate BUILDING and Input ROOM #

·      For Jack Number: Input JACK #

·      For Requested Jack Action: Select DEACTIVATING EXISTING JACK

·      For Activation: Select YES

Step 4: Input Digital/VOIP Line Cords and VLAN Type

·      For Digital/VOIP Line Cords: NONE

·      For VLAN Type: Select PUBLIC

·      For Specific Date: Select NO