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Data Charges


One-Time Charges
New Data Jack Installation 10BaseT $250.00
New Data Jack Activation 10BaseT No Charge
New Fibre Jack Installation 100BaseFX $1500.00
New Fibre Jack Installation Gigabit $3000.00
Upgrade from 100BaseT to GB Fibre Upgrade $1500.00
Move connection to new location Move $440.00
Monthly Charges
Activated Jacks 100MB $10.00
Additional IP's (each) 100MB $10.00
Active Fibre Jack 100MB $10.00
Additional IP's (each) 1GB $10.00
Cable TV Jack each $175.00

Please note that the IP costs will again increase by $1 next year and they will keep on increasing at $1 per year until they are $14 each.