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Voice Charges


One-Time Charges
New Phone Installation per Set $60.00
New Voice-only Jack Installation per Jack $150.00
New Voice & Data or Cable TV Jack per Jack $175.00
New Phone Set:
Digital Display - regular 7406D+ $120.00
Receptionist 6408D

Open Enrollment


October 19 - November 13, 2020

It’s that time of year again and we are looking forward to Open Enrollment. In keeping with what has become a “virtual year” – Open Enrollment will follow suit. To that end, we are finalizing our preparations for a touch-free experience.

EIT Business Office

EIT Business Office

The EIT Business Office is located in 2125 J.M. Patterson Building. The business office is responsible for the department’s business administration, financial management and acts as a liaison between its customers and various campus offices and services.