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Welcome to Distance Education Technology and Services (DETS). We are glad you chose to teach with us this semester. For over 25 years, DETS has delivered graduate and undergraduate engineering programs and specific short courses, seminars and lectures to individuals and organizations throughout the world, as well as providing students and faculty on the College Park Campus with technology and associated services designed to compliment the on-campus learning experience.

What is Distance Education?

The Clark School of Engineering has a mission statement that includes outreach to non-traditional students. DETS is one of the most cost-effective means with which the College can reach remote students. DETS uses videoconferencing to link students and faculty together for the sharing of knowledge. The students are seen and heard by the faculty, and are therefore encouraged to participate.

Advantages of Distance Education

  • No commute to campus: Since DETS has established centers around the state, students are not required to commute to the College Park campus for their regularly scheduled classes. All course materials are available via the web or are delivered to the center where they are registered.
  • All of the courses delivered via DETS are considered Web Enhanced courses and offer lecture videos posted to courses' web pages within 24 hours of class. These lecture videos offer a great supplement to the students' live class experience.
  • Some programs are Online Programs, which require no travel to campus or to an education center, and can be completed entirely online.

Can I See My Students?

Yes, there are TV monitors in each of the classrooms that will allow you to view your off campus students if they attend class at a remote center.

How Many Can I Reach?

We have 8 sites in and around Maryland that we currently are able to connect to. Each of these sites has multiple rooms which can hold a varied number of students.

How Do I know if I Have Remote Students?

By looking at the TV monitor in your classroom you will be able to see your students. You can also check with Katie Truedson(link sends e-mail) (301-405-0031) in the Distribution Office and she will be happy to tell you if you have any distance students.

How Do I Give a Test?

You will give tests like you normally do in a regular classroom. Most sites, except for Shady Grove, provide proctors for tests. You just need to make sure the Distribution Office has a copy of your test a couple of days ahead of time in order to get it to the remote sites on time.

How Do I Get Help?

Any of our staff will be happy to assist you with your needs. You will have a Technical Director during each of your classes who will operate the cameras and who can assist you with any equipment issues. The Distribution Office is fully staffed and the assistants there can help you with shipping and receiving materials.

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