To be admitted to The University of Maryland Clark School of Engineering, you must complete a formal application.

There are various admission categories for students to advance their learning: full degree seeking, Graduate Certificate program, and a provisional admission status for those who are undecided. Descriptions of these can be obtained from the programs you’re applying to.

Admission to the Graduate School may be granted to a graduate of an institution in the United States that is accredited by a recognized regional association or to a graduate of a recognized institution in a another country whose requirements for the bachelor's degree are substantially equivalent to those of The University of Maryland. For information concerning graduate study in a particular academic discipline, contact the graduate studies coordinator of the department in which you wish to study.

Admission Process

  • Complete the online Graduate Application
  • Within one week student will receive automated response asking for more information
  • Student will continue to receive automated responses with notifications of any deficiencies until the all information for application is complete, student will then receive notification that the application is complete
  • Approximately two weeks after application is complete, the Graduate School will notify student of the decision. Student will receive a written notification of admission as well as a welcome letter from their program
  • The Graduate program will send student instructions on advising and registration
  • Student registers online for class using Testudo
  • Student receives bill within one week of registering
  • Student attends class

Note: International students will need to provide additional test scores and information to the International Studies group. This process will add at least two additional weeks to the application process.

For more information, and to apply online, visit the Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering website.

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