ter.ps URL Shortener Makes Campus Headlines

February 14, 2012
February 2012 edition of Between the Columns, University of Maryland.

EIT's URL shortener, ter.ps, was featured in an article, "Shorten URLS in Terp Style", appearing in the February 2012 edition of Between the Columns. The article highlights features of the ter.ps application, including the ability to customize shortened links, track user clicks, and add the ter.ps bookmarklet to your browser's toolbar, so that you can quickly create a ter.ps link out of the page you're visiting, rather than having to enter the link directly into the ter.ps interface.

"Shorten URLS in Terp Style" also notes that since ter.ps's launch in Fall 2011, 452 ter.ps links have been created by 95 users, with a record of approximately 18,000 hits. To date, that number has grown to almost 700 links made by 123 ter.ps users, that have received close to 30,000 hits.

Campus users can create their own ter.ps links at http://ter.ps.

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